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Western Exotica

Kondapur, Hyderabad

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Western Exotica Price Details

Western Exotica provides 2 BHK and 3 BHK units that can be owned by all sectors of citizens. The price of units in Western Exotica ranges from Rs.87.75 Lakhs to Rs.1.90 Crore. This project has high returns bench mark as it is located in Kondapur where there is possibility of higher returns in the market. The unit price per sq. ft is Rs. 6950. The Basic 2 BHK unit ranges from Rs. 87.75 Lakhs. The Basic 3 BHK unit ranges from Rs. 1.28 Cr.

this project offering 2, 3 bedroom flats available for sale in affordable prices with in the value for money homes for the best reasonable prices. the aim of the western exotica is to bring that homes to every citizen. taking into the consideration the builedr with the built by the project various sizes and various price ranges.

western exotica project has reasonable prices within the best pricing at the most varient looking for the forward destination is one venture any investor by buying the people. in these project has throughly constructed with the best venture of hyderabad city.

Unit Type Size Price Per Sqft Basic Cost
3 BHK 1900 Sqft Rs.6950/- 1.32 Cr
3 BHK 2192 Sqft Rs.6950/- 1.52 Cr
3 BHK 2452 Sqft Rs.6950/- 1.70 Cr
3 BHK 2815 Sqft Rs.6950/- 1.95 Cr
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